At Healthy Connection we focus on providing the best natural pain relief and physical medicine. Our doctor and team of physicians incorporate several different natural therapies and techniques to relieving pain.  By using the most advanced and cutting edge techniques in chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy and rehabilitation, our patients get out of pain quicker and stay out of pain longer rather than relying upon medications and traditional therapies.

Because our office implements both traditional and natural therapies, our patients have a unique opportunity to receive the best of both worlds when it comes to health care.

Masseuse Massaging Young Man Lying on Table Closed Eyes

Chiropractic care has been the leading natural and non-invasive approach to treating acute and chronic spinal and joint pain conditions. Our clinic specializes in using the best combination of chiropractic care, physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises for pain management and pain relief. Chiropractic care works by first relieving the tension or inflammation to the delicate nerves of the spine. This irritation to the spinal nerves is the main reason for pain into the spine.  Next Chiropractic restores normal bio-mechanics or motion and function of the joints of the spine and extremities.  This helps reduce many degenerative problems including back and joint pain to blood pressure, digestive issues and headaches. All of the information that controls your organs (heart, liver, pancreas) travels through the spine.  The spine also controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ of the body.  Aligning the joints of the spine allows the restoration of that information roadway (the spine) to and from the brain. This relationship between the spine, the brain and the nervous system is the main focus of chiropractic treatment.  When information is freely passed from the brain to the spine and vice versa normal function is restored and health returns. Thus with chiropractic care, patients not only respond to spine pain conditions, but also to conditions affecting the entire body as well.