Events & Outreach

Welcome to the Lockport Chapter of the Foundation for Wellness Professionals

Staff and Doctors of Healthy Connection Physical Medicine dedicate time and volunteer with The Foundation for Wellness Professionals, which is a national non-profit association of healthcare professionals. We donate our time in the community to raise awareness and educate the public on many health issues.  The Foundation for Wellness Professionals was originally founded in 1985 by Dr. David Singer, in Clearwater, Florida.  The volunteer not-for-profit association operates through independently operated chapters across the United States and Canada.

Let Us Help You!!

Is your organization looking for an inexpensive way to add a wellness program or hold a wellness event for your volunteers or staff?  We can help you.  We provide various wellness workshops, screenings and corporate programs.  Our screenings include but are not limited to blood pressure, stress, fatigue, posture and trigger point screenings. That are free of any cost.  Call us at 815-834-9075 and we will put together a program to meet your needs.

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