Healthy Connection Physical Medicine is one of only a handful of integrated medical clinics in the United States that offers an innovative and ground-breaking headache solution therapy-the Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block.


Through a newly developed, needle-less, intranasal infusion technique, we are now capable of blocking this nerve which has been shown to be the cause of multiple forms of headaches including tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraine headaches, atypical headaches, etc. The procedure includes inserting a plastic applicator device into each nostril that allows us to specifically target this nerve, and gently spray the posterior portion of the nasal cavity. This procedure takes literally 10 seconds! Not only is this procedure fast and needle-less, but it is incredibly effective and the results are typically felt in less than 90 seconds. Imagine being virtually pain free in minutes!

This treatment option is incredibly new, but has been studied repeatedly, and is safe, effective, and fast. It is projected that this treatment option will change the way that headaches are treated around the world. Currently, it is only being offered in a few clinics, and our Physicians Assistant has had hands-on training with the medical doctor who developed the tools for this procedure.

Imagine a life without headaches! Schedule an appointment with our Physicians Assistant to learn more and see if this option is right for you. Call 815-834-9075