Medical Pain Relief

At Healthy Connection Physical Medicine we offer patients the best pain control available.  We specialize in providing patients the best combination of medical non-invasive traditional pain treatment and natural alternative therapies to give our patients a more fulfilling, pain free life.

Neck_Pain_007Our team of medical professionals works together in delivering the highest quality and most cutting edge therapies that alleviate symptoms of pain.  As an integrated clinic, thorough physical and diagnostic tests are performed at one location for patient convenience.

After your initial evaluation, our team of healthcare professionals will custom design a combination of medical pain relief, using natural and botanical agents that lower pain and inflammation in the body.  Then, using chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, manual therapy, injections, or other therapies to further speed up the recovery period, we can get you out of pain faster and move you into active rehabilitation and care.

We not only focus on relieving the chronically inflamed and painful areas, but also rehabilitating weakened muscles of the spine and joints to strengthen them and aid in their stability.

This concentration on the reconditioning of your spine, joints, and muscles and increasing your mobility will help alleviate your pain, and improve your energy.  We discuss home exercises, activities and therapies to help aid in your recovery.

Don’t let chronic pain prevent you from leading an active life. Allow our team of healthcare professionals to create a pain management plan that works best for you