Meet the Staff

Meet our dedicated staff of caring and helpful physicians that will lead you towards a life that is free of pain and other physical ailments:


staff5Dr. Omar Garcia MD

Dr. Omar Garcia MD was born in Havana, Cuba. During his time of medical school there, he received background education in General Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery. Since his retraining in the United States, he completed residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago for Occupational Medicine. His Bourbonnais and Joliet, IL practices cater to patients for Physical Medicine, Sports Medicine, Non-surgical Orthopedics, and Family Medicine.

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staff1Dr. Vida Puodziunas DC

Dr. Vida I. Puodziunas is the owner of Healthy Connection Physical Medicine.  She has a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University and a Masters degree from Illinois State University.  Both degrees are in Physical Education with a specialization in Athletic Training.  Dr. Vida Puodziunas is a Certified Athletic Trainer and has worked with various high school and college athletes in a clinical and sports related setting for over 20 years.

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xiang Xiang Yang PA

Xiang Yang, PA is a certified physician assistant with 30 years of experience in the medical industry. Xiang’s prior experience includes pulmonology, cardiology and geriatrics etc. at various clinics and hospitals.   She was a research fellow at Rush University and visitor scholar and MD Anderson Cancer Center.  She also worked as a physician in China for 12 years.

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