Healthy Connection Physical Medicine values the overall patient experience. Nothing speaks to quality like client testimony. Below is what some of them have to say…..


quote-start In 2010, I started going to Healthy Connection……It’s now 2013.  Dr. Vida, Xiang Yang and their supportive staff have made a big difference in my life.  There were many times when I was hurting, feeling down, not knowing what to do, or where to turn. But because of their commitment, I knew I had a place to go where I would not only receive professional care, but because of their deep concern, support, and yes, love…I cannot thank them enough for ALWAYS being there for me when I need them the most…and yes, their still working their magic.”

- Patti B.


quote-start Everyone in the office has a great attitude (positive) which makes the environment a fun one.  I like the relationship everyone has with their patients.  They are very understanding and helpful when I’m either in pain or just not feeling right.  I always look forward to coming here for my treatment. Ever since I started receiving care, I could feel the changes that occurred in my body which excites me because it means its working. Hope has been restored because of this place.  I can’t wait until I’m fully healed.”

- Greta R.


quote-start A wonderful team!!! Dr. Vida and staff are very professional and compassionate.  They all take the time to listen to what my issues are.  I drive quite a distance to come here and its worth every mile.  I feel like a new person when I walk out he door.  Thank you Dr. Vida for coming to BNA fitness (Formally Fuel) and giving a seminar – if it wasn’t for that I would be living with pain.”

- Selina L.


quote-start Dr. Vida and the staff all do a great job.  They go out of the way to help.”

- Justin


quote-start My care here has been exceptional!! I am so grateful that in February I found a KGB coupon deal for a massage here.  I have been to a couple other chiropractic offices that I did not feel welcome or felt like the staff cared about me and my health.  Coming to Healthy Connection has been such an enormous help with my health that I have my husband going here and my daughter who just started recently.  This office is highly recommended to anyone thinking about care and wants an office that will be looking out for your best interest.  Here is definitely the place!!! Thank You!!!”

- Michelle G.


quote-start When I first came to Healthy Connection I was barely able to walk.  I was in intense pain and my mobility was greatly restricted.  Since then I sleep better, my pain has decreased to the point that I barely notice anymore.  I no longer feel like I’m going to pass out when I look up or sideways!!! IF this is what 12 visits can do, I can’t wait to see how great I feel on my last visit!! As an added bonus, everyone is friendly and makes sure that you are comfortable and at home!!!”

- Tracey R.


quote-start Before coming to the clinic it was hard for me to really explain how long I have had pain/tension because I was accustomed to feeling the way I did for so long.  I felt an immediate sense of relief and freedom due to each person’s knowledge and the doctor’s skill at rehabilitating me. The rehab and feeling relieved are enough reason to come to this clinic but the friendly and energetic staff are what truly keep me coming back.  Nothing makes you feel better than a group of happy, smiling people.”

- Brad


quote-start The doctors and staff are dedicated to the overall health of the patient.  They are very nice and knowledgeable.  I would recommend them to all family and friends.”

- LaTonya M.


quote-start Dr. Vida is amazing!! She addresses all of my concerns.  She goes above and beyond.  The entire staff is wonderful, caring and very helpful.”

- Jen J.



quote-start I must say that this has been one of the best decisions of my life.  It has been hard getting here but the travel was well worth it.  Dr. Vida,  and the whole staff has been great to me.  There is a sense of family and friendship here.  Very glad I got to meet everyone.  Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless each and everyone of you.”

- Shareese T.


quote-start I was a professional wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter for the past decade and racked up more injuries than I could count.  After seeing the staff at Healthy Connection, I now have much improved range of motion in my shoulders and neck and most importantly, I can hold my two year old son without being in pain.  Great, friendly staff, very helpful.”

- Vance


quote-start When I came to Dr. Vida my body was a train wreck.  I had almost given up all hope because I had seen Dr. after Dr. Took pill after pill and I continued to have back, neck, leg and stomach problems.  At one point they  thought I had a stroke becaue my left leg was numb and dragging.  I believe it was becaue of something pinching in my back.  Since seeing Dr. Vida my back and neck is better.  I haven’et taken a pill for pain in over a month and a half.  Digestive system is better and I am more energetic.  Very Grateful to Dr. Vida and her staff.”

 - SJ


quote-start I lost my sense of taste and smell two years ago, due to a virus.  I was told by several doctors that it would never come back.  Later I was told to try acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.  In less then two months after coming to Healthy Connection, my sense of smell has returned about 60% so far.  My taste is at about 60% also.  Thanks to Dr. Vida.  I am on my way to becoming a whole person again.”


- Patricia E.


 *Healthy Connection Physical Medicine protects client privacy. Please contact us for more detail on these references.